Amena Cavaqueira

Logo of the rubric Amena Cavaqueira (“mild prattle”) to WebV Youtube channel.

It is a line of interviews/conversations with guests related to the arts and culture, known and unknown to the public, filmed in different places.

After some research, I got to the conclusion that prattle is already a mild talk and I chose a round handwritten calligraphy, with perhaps some resemblance with Coka-Cola but simpler. It is horizontal, based on two curves in low ripe that starts descending (Amena) and the second ascending (Cavaqueira). The A from Amena and C from Cavaqueira are in capitals and formed by a single line.

The idea here was to communicate with the type font: informality; with the curl: tranquility; with the softness and the lines intersect, intertwine and complement each other: communication.

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