STAGE 1, Aug 23, 2014

Some work in progress from an old sketch idea of 2011.

WaterFace #cmdotpm
I was cleaning up my mess when I found a sketch on a vellum paper made in 2011. Some weird idea of fluctuating water suffocating the breeding part of the face. Looked at it and thought that is was time to start coloring it on Photoshop CS6. Put it in my poor Lexmark Scanner and started right away. Made some progress but it’s way different from coloring with watercolors or another kind of ink on real paper. At this stage, I spent already 3 to 4 hours.

STAGE 2, Set 09, 2014



I did much more and change parts. Like… When I was doing the highlights of the hair I put this background color and I simply loved it. I tried a few more colors but always in the same pallet. And after that, the blue of her eyes didn’t felt so right and I simply change them to greens instead, give it more balance. Her right eye is bigger than the previous ones because was just not right, we are not symmetric but the differences are very smooth, and that eye was looking at me and killing me, giving me an idea that she is deformed or something. Put more reds around the skin to look more that she is crying for a long time. I’m realizing that I did a lot of changing in the eyes, and I can tell you that I’m not satisfied yet. Like I said before I want a natural look and still, she looks like has tonnes of mascara on her eyelashes or her hair-brows are too thin. It was the first thing that I did, after the skin, so is kinda normal the concept is not totally formed yet at that stage. I think it happens because of the lack of experience on illustrating on photoshop.
I began the chest part freely painting but after some point I looked on the web for some references, not to place them and painting above, just put them aside and looked them up just for having points of bone shapes and proportions.
I didn’t like her mouth, her lips, it looked like doll’s lips, full of red bright lipstick on, and that was not my idea at all, not a makeup girl… if I did, probably the eye makeup was going with the tears and flow in the water, another type of hair, face, etc. Is not a bad concept, but not for this one.
And is more than enough writing on this one, next stage I will talk about the lights that I’m actually studying right now. Thanks.

STAGE 3, Apr 6, 2015

I didn’t touch in this for a long time but I have to finish it. Last time I posted one of these was smaller and without water life. aha… This is a general idea. Now I have to do the final touches.