Mirrorless Masterpiece!

Olympus have done it again and drawn a line in the sand for others to compete with. Taking inspiration in their own illustrious history, and adding a touch of award-winning technology, the PEN-F takes “rangefinder-style” digital cameras to the next level.

Olympus have designed a modern classic that will re-inspire you and rekindle your passion for photography. They have designed a camera that genuinely harks back to glory days of the 1960’s when JFK became the US president and man landed on the moon.
Originally introduced in 1963, the Olympus Pen F of old was a beautifully designed half frame interchangeable camera that was followed by the Pen FT and then the Pen FV.

But looking beyond the 1960’s looks, it feels a stunning camera to hold and use. With a metallic build, super fast focusing, and pin-sharp images; this is a beautiful camera to own, use and capture those glorious images.

The metal dial is a prominent feature of the much-vaunted PEN school of design, which blends contemporary and retro style elements with luxury materials and quality craftsmanship. Screw heads are nowhere to be seen on the PEN-F! Like its classic ‘step-up’ silhouette, the look, feel and photographic performance of the PEN-F are intended to induce envy in photo hipsters – both on the street and online.



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Train Girl, Photoshop ILLUSTRATION

This one is a thing that happen to me all the time on my faculty times. I did this 5 days ago. It was a sketch from 2 or 3 years ago. It was a small pleasure… sleeping on the train with the hot sun by the sea on my face, going home.

I decided to finish some drawings that I started in the past. And because is anime related I thought it was nice to use colors from my beloved Studio Ghibli movies! I use the hair and cloth colors from the character Chihiro from Spirited Away! Then, yesterday I found out that  Michiyo Yasuda died. She was responsible for that same colors! I feel sad, and this is kind of my tribute to her!

RIP Michiyo Yasuda



Ginger on the Roof, WATERCOLOR

My moleskine was almost forgotten when I did this one.


Moleskine Geiko, WATERCOLOR

My first backround in 2011.

click for bigger view

I like doing portraits. And this illustration it’s a small watercolor in my Moleskine. It was, at first, a simple black and white drawing of a geisha and her Japanese parasol that I simply disliked. After some long months, I looked at some old Japanese photos, at random, and, out of nothing, I added this background based in some of those photos.

What I would normally use to sketch when I do watercolor is Sumi-e ink: a traditional black ink stick used in Japanese calligraphy and drawings. I personally like applying it directly on paper without pencil sketching. You get nice smooth grays with it, dries fast, and doesn’t blur if you layer it with more water or ink after drying. I bought mine in Ponto das Artes that comes in a mini-subcase kit of two (not professional) Japanese brushes, a little “spoon”, a ceramic godet, a worked stone and another stone to mix the water with the ink stick. I just bought it because it´s cute, but I really got used to it. In my opinion, it’s much better than black China ink.

starfish SERIES


Illustration series in china ink and watercolors about starfish and how to freak out about it.