Mirrorless Masterpiece!

Olympus have done it again and drawn a line in the sand for others to compete with. Taking inspiration in their own illustrious history, and adding a touch of award-winning technology, the PEN-F takes “rangefinder-style” digital cameras to the next level.

Olympus have designed a modern classic that will re-inspire you and rekindle your passion for photography. They have designed a camera that genuinely harks back to glory days of the 1960’s when JFK became the US president and man landed on the moon.
Originally introduced in 1963, the Olympus Pen F of old was a beautifully designed half frame interchangeable camera that was followed by the Pen FT and then the Pen FV.

But looking beyond the 1960’s looks, it feels a stunning camera to hold and use. With a metallic build, super fast focusing, and pin-sharp images; this is a beautiful camera to own, use and capture those glorious images.

The metal dial is a prominent feature of the much-vaunted PEN school of design, which blends contemporary and retro style elements with luxury materials and quality craftsmanship. Screw heads are nowhere to be seen on the PEN-F! Like its classic ‘step-up’ silhouette, the look, feel and photographic performance of the PEN-F are intended to induce envy in photo hipsters – both on the street and online.